Target Interested Customers

Get your business in-front of thousands of interested & qualified customers who are already searching online for your business or dealership in the areas you currently operate.

Attract Over 90% of Interested Customers You’re Failing to Reach!

Interested vs. Non-Interested

An Interested Customer is someone who is actively searching for your services, products or inventory online, using search engines/social media to find what's available in their area.

Over 90% likely to convert into business!

A Non-Interested Customer is someone who companies advertise to, in an attempt to garner interest for their service/product at a high cost. Fewer opportunites to engage this type of consumer exsist.

Less than 5% likely to convert into business.

That's a Huge Difference!

Most businesses & dealerships fail to reach 90%+ of interested, qualified customers who are searching for services, products, or inventory in their local area everyday. Our customer targeting solution is one-of-a-kind, giving you the opportunity to reach those qualified customers who are actively looking for your business or dealership right now!

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Advanced Customer Targeting

We Get Interested & Qualified Customers to Focus on You

Through innovative and advanced customer targeting technology, combined with necessary digital products, Native Rank provides the following customer targeting capabilities:


Target By:


The Customer Journey

Meet Interested Customers Where They Are!


1. Customer Searching

A potential customer uses common search engines / social media to search online for somthing they need or want. They are now considered an 'interested customer' because they are activly looking for your services, products, or inventory.

We Target Your Customers Here!

2. Search Results

Customer sees your business in search results. This is where our one-of-a-kind targeting solution introduces your business/dealership to an interested customer. Our advanced targeting capabilities (below) act as a matchmaker between you and likely customers.

3. Customer Engagement

The customer clicks on your search result and goes to your website. This is where our Web Design & Development engages the user to effectively convert their interest into business for you!


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What’s Included in our Customer Targeting Solution?

We provide an advanced customer targeting solution to put your in front of the most qualified customers. Here is a list of everything included in your solution:


Advanced Customer Targeting Technology

     Innovative and advanced customer targeting technology combined with various digital products gives your business the ability to be in front of qualified customers who are already searching for what your business offers within your target markets.


Digital and Website Strategy

     Custom digital strategy and roadmap created to promote your services and products for your location, service areas, and target markets through your website and other digital channels.


Comprehensive Website

     Comprehensive, responsive websites that are optimized for search engines and designed and developed to get your business in front of the most qualified customers.


Website Content

     Engaging website content for consumers that is optimized for search engines to drive qualified customer views, engagement, and opportunities for all your services, products, and inventory across your service areas and target markets.


Best-in-Class Website Hosting & Security

     Industry-leading website hosting via Amazon Web Services (AWS) and security solutions through Cloudflare, ensuring your website and business receive the same benefits as the Fortune 500 companies with 99.9% uptime and protection against malicious attacks and security threats.


Advanced Search Engine Optimization

     Through our advanced targeting technology and search engine optimization for your website, including all your services, products, inventory, locations, service areas, and target markets, Native Rank delivers the precise level of optimization your website needs to be in front of qualified customers searching for what your business offers within your target markets.


Inventory Management Software Solution

     Inventory Manager Pro is a user-friendly software with all the necessary industry features, along with being the first-ever inventory solution that is optimized for search engines to target consumers by market.


Inventory Market Targeting

     Target qualified consumers by location or market (City, State, etc.) searching for your inventory, including new, used, type, brand, and model.


Google Business Profile Optimization & Management

     Optimizing your Google Business Profile positions your business in front of local consumers searching for services, products, and inventory within Google maps and local search results.


Google Business Profile Inventory Implementation

     Published and optimized inventory on your Google Business Profile delivers your inventory to qualified, local consumers within Google search map results.


Location Listings Optimization & Management

     Have your business location(s) information published, optimized, and connected to all the major online local business directories, maps, voice assistants, GPS apps, and 60+ additional consumer marketplaces to be in front of qualified customers searching for what your business offers within your target markets.


Customized Reporting & Analytics Dashboard

     Monthly summary reports and our reporting dashboard allows you to always have access to your performance and results across all digital initiatives.


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