Business Listings Analysis

Business Directories & Map Listings Analysis

Local business listings are one of the first steps to building your online visibility and digital story. Having inconsistent business information, duplicate listings, and unverified listings will affect your online presence in a negative way and prevent your ability to win new customers. Understanding the status of all your business listings is a very important first step in seeing missed opportunities and problems that are affecting your online presence. Native Rank provides our new and potential clients the visibility to see their listing status through our audit and analysis report that displays duplicate business listings, incorrect or inconsistent business information, verified and unverified business listings, call-to-action offers, and listing status within the 65+ most popular business directories, map listings, GPS devices, social media platforms, and search engines.

Business Listings Audit & Analysis: Key Areas

  • Local Business Listing Audit
  • Location Data Errors
  • Business Information
  • Duplicate Listings
  • Inconsistent Listings
  • Listing Status
  • Verified vs Non-Verified

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