Business Listings

Business listings consist of online profiles with your business information across a multitude of directories, maps, apps, review sites, social media profiles, and GPS platforms. Business listings are absolutely necessary for every business, especially for local businesses that provide products and services to customers. Having your business information listed on all of these avenues provides the opportunity to gain local business from potential customers searching for products and services you offer within these online channels. Included within business listings is your contact information, products/services, and other important information about your business, allowing potential customers to easily understand what you offer and contact you directly. Millions of consumers search these online channels every day. Failure to ensure your accurate business information is listed across all of these platforms will result in losing business from potential customers searching for your products and services.

Online Business Directories & Map Listings

Google My Business

Google My Business is the most prominent business listing, considering the majority of consumers search Google when looking for local businesses that offer products and services. Having a Google My Business page allows your business to show within Google search results, Google Maps, and Google+, making it easy for potential customers to contact you directly. Let Native Rank manage you Google My Business page for you.

Local Business Listings

When Native Rank manages your local business listings, you can rest easily knowing that your business is listed across 65+ of the most popular online channels. These channels include Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp, Apple Maps, MapQuest, DEX, YP, and many others. We will ensure your business information is always accurate and up-to-date, so you never miss out on gaining customers.

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