Local Business Listings

What are local business listings?

Local business listings consist of submitting your business information across many online channels that consumers search to find products and services. Ensuring your information is both accurate and consistent across every directory will allow more people to find your business easily. Because search engines aim to provide the most relevant results possible, it’s extremely important these listings are claimed and properly optimized to provide correct and consistent information.

Why do you need local business listings?


Local business listings are very important if you wish to attract local customers searching for your products and services. There are many different online channels and directories of which consumers search to find businesses that provide what they are looking for. Submitting and verifying your business within these channels provides important information about your business to potential customers, including contact, product/service, and other pertinent information. Having your business listed within each of these directories displays your business to consumers at the moment they are ready to purchase.

How does Native Rank provide a solution for local business listings?

Our local business listings solution submits and verifies your business information within 65+ local directories. This ensures your business will be seen by potential customers searching for exactly what you offer. In addition, we optimize your listings so that your business is delivered in results for everything you offer. Our local business listings solution makes sure that each of your listings is always up-to-date, so customers are shown accurate contact information. We also provide performance reporting, including impressions, clicks, and website referrals from your business listings.

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