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Get your business in front of thousands of qualified customers already searching for what you offer in your target markets.

We specialize in putting your business in front of the most qualified customers who are searching for the exact services, products, and inventory you provide within your location(s), services areas, and target markets.


Advanced Customer Targeting

We Get Interested & Qualified Customers to Focus on You

Through innovative and advanced customer targeting technology, combined with necessary digital products, Native Rank provides the following customer targeting capabilities:


Target By:

Qualified vs. Unqualified Customers

When it comes to qualified vs. unqualified customers, it's important to know the difference.

Qualified Customers are those who are already interested in what you have to offer - they're actively searching for the services, products, or inventory you offer.

Over 90% likely to convert into business!

Unqualified Customers, on the other hand, are not interested in what you have to offer and are much less likely to find your website through generic ads or online searches.

Less than 5% likely to convert into business.

It's far more important to target qualified customers specifically. By buying generic ads or targeting large groups of people, you're wasting your time and money - these customers are not going to be interested in what you have to offer. Instead, focus on marketing strategies that will reach qualified customers directly. This can be done through targeted ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and other methods that are specific to your business.


The Customer Journey


Understanding Your Customer Targeting Solution Through the Customer Journey

  • 1. Customer Search for What They Need

    • Customer searches on mobile and desktop for products, inventory, services, and/or information

  • 2. Customers Find Your Business

    • Customer sees your business in search results for your services, products, inventory, and/or information based on their location.

  • 3. Customer Engages with Your Business

    • Customer clicks on search results and goes to your website and/or your Google My Business

  • 4. Customers Interact & Engage with Your Website or GMB

    • Customer searches on mobile and desktop for products, inventory, services, and/or information

Benefits of Targeting Qualified Customers

  • Customer Views (Opportunities)
    • Being found in search engines for your services, products, and inventory by your location, service areas and target markets
  • Customer Engagement (Actions)
    • Clicks to your website from Google search results
    • Clicks to your website from Bing search results
    • Google Business Profile views, including clicks to your website, phone calls, and driving directions
  • Website Interaction & Engagement
    • Increase in qualified traffic to your website
    • Increase in brand engagement
    • Increase in website conversions (calls-to-action)
    • Increase in phone calls and leads
    • Increase in opportunities to acquire new customers

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Digital Solution Works Across Multiple Industries

  • Home Services

  • Commercial Services

  • Industrial Services

  • Manufactures

  • Rentals

  • All Others


    Our Mission - Start Attracting Qualified Customers

    Our goal is to deliver a solution that provides your business the opportunity to compete for qualified customers, resulting in new customer acquisition and helping to grow your business. We accomplish this through our advanced customer targeting technology, while combining it with other various digital products.

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    Native Rank offers a few different advanced customer targeting packages. You will have the opportunity to select the best package that fits your business needs. Our solution takes about 35 to 45 business days to implement.


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