For Manufacturers

Get your Products and or inventory in front of thousands of interested customers already searching for what your manufacturing business offers by country, by state, regionally, by location (s), by cities, and or target markets.

The Problem


Currently, most manufactures are limited to only getting in front of customers on a national or international level or by a small radius surrounding their physical location(s), this is due to the lack of targeting capabilities from existing digital solutions. This is a huge problem for a manufacture because you are missing out on the opportunity to be in front of interested customers who are already searching for what you provide or offer within your entire market and all the areas you operate in. This limits your ability to be competitive in your markets for your products and loss in business to your competition.

Over 90% of manufactures are only found by their name, and not for their products, and or inventory.

Over 90% of manufactures are not found or visible in their entire market and or target markets for their products, and or inventory.



Other Interested Customer Marketing:

  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization

Few solutions for Interested Customer Targeting exist, and many alternatives come at a high price. These methods are quite expensive and many businesses can't afford the added cost. Don't waste your time and money with these options which may or may not be effective for your manufacturing business.

Other Uninterested Customer Marketing:

  • Traditional Advertising
  • TV and Radio Advertising
  • Print and Billboard Advertising
  • Streaming Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising

When marketing or advertising to un-interested / non-interested consumers, you are trying to gain their interest in which they are less than 5% likely to convert into business. This means a lot of money is wasted on these advertising and marketing options to uninterested consumers.


The Answer

NATIVERANK Advanced Customer Targeting Solution

What We Do:

We get your products and or inventory in front of thousands of interested customers already searching for what your manufacturing business offers in your market, target markets, locations and all the areas you operate in.


Target By:


Through innovative and advanced customer targeting technology, combined with best-in-class digital products, our Customer Targeting Solution gives your manufacturing business the opportunity to be in front of the most qualified and interested customers searching for your services, products, or inventory within your target markets.


Customer Targeting For:
  • Services
  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Information
  • Brand & Brand Messaging
  • Dealers, Resellers, Wholesalers, etc.
  • Other (Type, Model, New, Used, etc.)
  • Country
  • International
  • National
  • State(s)
  • Regional
  • Location(s)
  • Cities
  • Target Markets
  • Areas of Service
  • Other

What’s Included?

When you subscribe to our customer targeting solution, we provide your manufacturing business with the other necessary digital products for free to utilize and accomplish getting your products and or inventory in front of interested, qualified customers.

HD Target Icon@4x

Customer Targeting Solution

HD Gear@4x

Customer Targeting Technology

HD Lightbulb@4x

Customer Targeting Strategy

HD Puzzle@4x

Digital and Website Strategy

HD Shield@4x

Website Hosting & Security

HD Website_1@4x

Comprehensive Website

HD Content@4x

Website Content

HD Inventory@4x

Product Management Software

HD CIty Box@4x

Product & Inventory Market Targeting

HD Mag Glass_1@4x

Advanced Search Engine Optimization


Google Business Profile Optimization & Management


Google Business Profile Inventory Implementation


Location Listings Optimization & Management


Reporting & Analytics Dashboard


DMS & CRM Integrations

HD 3rd party@4x

3rd Party Integrations

HD Service Man@4x

Ongoing, Management, Monitoring & Performance Adjustments

HD Support@4x

Account Management & Support


Who's it For?

Solutions for a Variety of Manufacturer Types

  • textile_vector

    Clothing & Textiles

  • petrol_vector

    Petroleum & Plastics

  • technology_vector


  • food_vector

    Food Production

  • metals_vector

    Metal Manufacturing

  • paper_vector

    Wood, Leather & Paper


    The Customer Journey


    Understanding Your Customer Targeting Solution Through the Customer Journey

    • 1. Customer Search for What They Need

      • Customer searches on mobile and desktop for products, inventory, services, and/or information

    • 2. Customers Find Your Business

      • Customer sees your business in search results for your services, products, inventory, and/or information based on their location.

    • 3. Customer Engages with Your Business

      • Customer clicks on search results and goes to your website and/or your Google My Business

    • 4. Customers Interact & Engage with Your Website or GMB

      • Customer searches on mobile and desktop for products, inventory, services, and/or information

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    Benefits of Targeting Qualified Customers

    • Customer Views (Opportunities)
      • Being found in search engines for your services, products, and inventory by your location, service areas and target markets
    • Customer Engagement (Actions)
      • Clicks to your website from Google search results
      • Clicks to your website from Bing search results
      • Google Business Profile views, including clicks to your website, phone calls, and driving directions
    • Website Interaction & Engagement
      • Increase in qualified traffic to your website
      • Increase in brand engagement
      • Increase in website conversions (calls-to-action)
      • Increase in phone calls and leads
      • Increase in opportunities to acquire new customers
    What to expect@2x

    What Can You Expect?

    Through on-going Management, Monitoring and Performance Adjustments, Native Rank will work to meet the following expectations:


    1. Increase in Interested Customer Views


    2. Based on your Customer Targeting Solution Package (Customer Views monthly), Native Rank will work to meet or exceed your interested monthly customer views.


    3. Native Rank will work to Increase your Customer Engagement Whitin the Search Engines.


    4. Native Rank will work to Increase Website and Google Business Profile Interaction and Engagement.


    5. Native Rank will provide your dealership with comprehensive and best-in-class digital products and solutions.


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