Business Listings Solution

Our business listings solution is an integral part of our digital marketing platform. Local business listings are absolutely necessary for every business location, especially if you are a brick and mortar operation requiring foot traffic from your customers. Every day millions of potential customers perform online searches across a multitude of channels looking for products and services near their location. Ensuring your business is listed on these avenues puts your information front and center, allowing potential customers searching for products and services you offer to contact you directly. By leveraging our business listings solution, your business location, products/services, and other pertinent information will be displayed among all business listings, directories, maps, review sites, apps, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines.

Business Listings Process

Online Business Directories & Listings Solution

Our business listings solution initiates with an audit and analysis of your current business listings or lack thereof. This provides us information needed to determine all critical issues with your business listings so we can put emphasis on getting those corrected first and foremost. Having inaccurate and/or inconsistent information across your business listings can be detrimental to your exposure via these channels, and ultimately, prohibits the acquisition of new business. We fix all business listing issues by executing the submission and verification of all your business information. Furthermore, we optimize all business listings so that your business is deemed relevant and shown within search results for everything you offer.

Business Listings Management

Business listing management can be a very tedious task. Using our platform, we have the ability to manage all your listings and keep your information up-to-date very easily. Whether you change your business address, phone number, business hours, or anything else, simply let us know and we will update all your business listings to reflect the correct information so that your customers can reach you with no delay. Duplicate business listings are another common pain point, negatively affecting your visibility within these avenues. Our solution suppresses all of your duplicate business listings from showing in search results, so that potential customers will never be misled by irrelevant information.

Business Listings Reporting

Business listing performance reporting is another element provided by our digital marketing platform. Because this reporting is external from your typical traffic reports from your website, it can be difficult to see where you may be getting additional leads or business from. Our platform delivers performance data from your business listings, including impressions, clicks, website referrals, and other metrics from these sources.

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