Paid Advertising Solution

Paid advertising is one of the most prominent practices in driving qualified traffic to your website. Our digital marketing platform allows you to leverage all types of paid advertising, including search advertising, display advertising, remarketing, social media advertising, and native advertising. If you want to drive immediate traffic to your website and acquire leads quickly, paid advertising is a great way to get in front of your target audience. You can target potential customers searching for your products and services, visitors on other contextually relevant sites, previous visitors to your website to re-engage them, and those on social media sites. Paid advertising is one of the best forms of digital marketing when it comes to allocating budget that will have a positive return on investment (ROI), if done correctly. At Native Rank, we optimize your budget for conversions, resulting in a positive ROI.

PPC & Google AdWords Management Solution

Paid Advertising Strategy

Our paid advertising solution is very versatile in regards to utilizing different types of paid advertising. We first understand your business practices to determine what forms of advertising will yield the best results. We perform a competitive analysis to gather important information that will assist in developing your paid advertising strategy in order to be competitive. Considering your budget and objectives, we then formulate and implement a strategy with the sole purpose of accomplishing your goals, whether that be driving leads, branding, or any other initiative. Our paid advertising solution allows us to leverage all search, display, social media, and any other channels if necessary, resulting in the best possible ROI for your business.

Paid Advertising Management & Reporting

Paid advertising management is quite possibly the most important aspect of any paid advertising campaign. On-going management and optimization is crucial to deliver results that will actually impact your business’ bottom line. Driving qualified traffic that will likely convert in to business requires constant monitoring. Our paid advertising platform pulls in data from your Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ad Center, and other sources, enabling us to make optimization decisions based on actual performance data. Consistent management of your budget and ads is necessary to maximize traffic and conversion performance, resulting in desired ROI.

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