Reporting & Intelligence Engine

Digital marketing reporting is a challenge for any business. Our platform offers an all-in-one digital marketing reporting solution that displays performance data in one convenient dashboard. If you want to see your performance data from your local business listings, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, or any other digital marketing initiatives, our reporting solution has everything you need. We display all of your data from your local business listings, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Bing Ad Center, and Bing Webmaster Tools in real-time, delivering 100% transparent data that empowers businesses to make educated decisions on where to allocate their marketing budgets.

Reporting & Intelligence Engine

Digital Marketing & Advertising Reporting Platform

Our intelligence engine provides an all-inclusive depiction of your digital landscape, including your website and marketing channel performance and competitive analysis. When you become a Native Rank client, you have unlimited access to our digital marketing platform and intelligence engine at your fingertips, giving you unprecedented visibility and insight to make marketing decisions that will benefit your ROI and grow your business. Not only does our platform provide performance reporting across all of your digital marketing initiatives, but offers in-depth analysis of your website, calling out any issues that are negatively affecting your performance and need attention. Furthermore, understanding your competition and how you stack up against them is essential in determining any missed opportunities and where you need to improve. Considering the growing demand for digital marketing, inability to access this extremely valuable information regarding your entire digital landscape can be detrimental to every business. Our digital marketing reporting and intelligence engine is your solution.

Digital Marketing Integrated Reporting Platform

Whether you are a small business that needs to track performance of your website and all of your digital marketing initiatives, or you operate an enterprise or multi-location business that needs visibility into performance data for multiple websites or sub-domains, Native Rank has the solution. Our reporting solution has the ability to encompass local business listings, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Bing Ad Center, and Bing Webmaster Tools data from multiple websites within one convenient dashboard. This eliminates the demand of having to log in to a variety of reporting properties to understand your digital marketing performance, saving you time and streamlining the analysis and decision making process.

Our reporting platform integrates everything you need to get a complete picture of your digital marketing performance. Regardless if you want insight into your local business listings, SEO, paid advertising, or any other marketing channel data, our reporting platform integrates everything within one convenient dashboard. We pull in your local business listings reporting, in addition to your website’s Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Bing Ad Center, and Bing Webmaster Tools reporting, conveying a complete picture in to your overall digital performance and health.

Competitive Analysis

Understanding your competitors digital marketing efforts and successes is imperative to your growth. Our platform and intelligence engine delivers not only your competitors performance, but displays a side-by-side comparison against your performance, so you can determine where your business is falling short and any missed opportunities. When it comes to SEO and paid advertising, failure to recognize your competitors’ efforts can leave you in the dust, making it nearly impossible to truly compete and win potential customers. By using our competitive intelligence engine, you will have access to valuable information that will keep you one-step ahead of your competition.

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