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Everyone uses search engines to find products and services. Paid search (PPC) advertising allows your business to be competitive in the search engines, giving you the opportunity to win customers searching for what you offer. We have your paid search advertising solution!

Paid Search & PPC Advertising Management Services

Paid search advertising, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, should be a part of every business’ digital marketing and advertising strategy. Paid search advertising allows your business to be in the largest and most powerful consumer marketplaces in the world: search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). This results in your business receiving exposure from a portion of millions of people searching for like services and products that you offer, which can be targeted by location, radius, cities, states, and countries. Some of the benefits of search advertising include instant traffic, and only paying when someone shows interest or intent by clicking or calling from your search ad. The most qualified potential customers are those searching for your services or products that you offer at the exact moment they want them. Having a paid search advertising strategy and initiative allows you to be in front of these consumers to answer the call and win that customer over your competition.


Native Rank’s Paid Search & PPC Advertising Solutions

Native Rank’s paid search & PPC advertising solutions allow your business to be competitive and win new customers in the largest and most powerful consumer marketplaces. Native Rank will work with you to develop an effective search advertising strategy and plan that will deliver your business more customers to grow your business. Our paid search advertising experts are all highly skilled and the best in the industry.

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We focus on conversions and ROI, not simply getting clicks to spend budgets.

The reason our paid search & PPC advertising results are unmatched in the industry: we focus on conversions and ROI, not simply getting clicks to spend budgets. Most paid search advertising agencies simply focus on blowing budgets, delivering high click volumes that may or not deliver actual customers to your business. This is mainly due to complacency and not optimizing campaigns based on conversions. Our goal is to maximize your paid search advertising spend to deliver the highest amount of conversions and customers to your business. With Native Rank, your paid search & PPC advertising campaigns will provide maximum exposure within search engines and deliver highly qualified leads, resulting in new customers.

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Native Rank’s Paid Search & PPC Advertising Reporting

Native Rank’s real-time reporting platform and intelligence engine allows you to always have access to your paid search & PPC advertising performance and results. Native Rank’s reporting platform is one-of-a-kind and gives you measurable data and insights like you have never seen before. Our reporting platform and intelligence engine brings in Google AdWords, Bing Ad Center, and Yahoo Ad Center. This allows you to have the visibility into your paid search & PPC advertising campaigns with 100% transparency. Our reporting is in real-time, including spend, paid search performance, paid search opportunities, conversions, ad performance, user locations, devices and browsers. Native Rank’s digital team will also provide monthly summaries with reporting via email, and they are always available for any questions, support, updates, and changes.

Paid search

Paid Search Advertising

Native Rank takes pride in working with your business to find a winning formula that meets your goals, needs, and produces transparent, measurable results. Native Rank is client and conversion focused, to ensure that we are delivering positive ROI for your business.

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Search Remarketing

Search remarketing allows Native Rank to customize your search ads for people who previously visited your website, and tailor ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google.

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shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads appear in Google or Google Shopping and use your existing product data – not keywords – to decide how and where to show your ads. The product data that is submitted through Google Merchant Center contains details about the products you sell. Google uses these details to match a user’s search to your ads, making sure to show the most relevant product.

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Google adwords

Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants for non-profits allows you to share your cause locally, nationally, or to the world, to increase awareness, recruit volunteers, receive donations, drive more people to your events, and give you the ability to share your story.

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Paid Search Advertising Audit & Analysis

Native Rank’s paid search audit will analyze your paid search campaigns for performance, AdWords best practices, and many other key areas to determine if your paid search is fully optimized and you are not wasting your paid spend on underperforming keywords and campaigns.

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