Website & SEO Audit

Native Rank’s digital team will analyze, audit and research several key areas to determine the best strategy and optimization for our clients.

Website & SEO Audit
Our SEO solutions maximize your websites exposure within the largest and most powerful consumer marketplaces in the world: search engines.

Website & SEO Audit & Analysis

Your website is your digital foundation, and depending on how it is built will affect your digital performance and presence. At Native Rank, we understand that no two clients are alike and every business has its own set of problems and opportunities when it comes to being competitive in their digital landscape. Native Rank’s digital team will analyze, audit and research several key areas to determine the best strategy and optimization for the client. Some of those key areas are website foundation and structure, current website optimization, current search performance, keyword performance, and competitive performance.

Whether you are a small, national, enterprise, franchise, multi-location, e-commerce or non-profit business, Native rank will audit and analyze several key areas to determine issues, problems, and opportunities.

Website Performance (Overall Site Performance)

These tests determine how well your website's code is structured per industry standards. In many cases, there are several variants of coding styles, and while these various styles may result in the same “look and feel” of a website, multiple errors will cause your website to operate poorly and lead to a poor user experience. Improperly structured code that does not follow industry standards will negatively impact your search engine performance, leading to a direct loss in potential traffic. Many search engines, like Google, use various bots to understand the intent and purpose of your website and use advanced algorithms to assist in the determination of ranking of the website. Listed below is a sampling of the major elements Native Rank checks through our website and SEO audits to ensure your website is compliant and accessible to the search engine bots, in a manner that will ensure the highest possible rankings from major search engines. While many of these aspects may seem obvious when interacting with major search engines, it is important the code of a website is created in a manner that is crawlable to search engines bots.

  • W3C Validation (Current Web Code Standards)
  • Google Page Speed Score
  • Includes Alt Tags On Images
  • Clean Url’S Check
  • Domain Age
  • WWW / Non www Reslove Check
  • Ip Canonicalization Check
  • Average Page Size
  • Language Check
  • Character Set
  • Code Analysis
  • Overall Site Structure
  • Url Structure, And User Navigation
  • Page Layout And Structure
  • Inclusion of Headers & Footers
  • Schema / Local Schema
  • 301 Redirects / Non 301 Redirects
  • Mobile Friendly / Mobile Responsive
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1 Tags
  • Http Status Code Error Check
  • Orphaned Page Check
  • 3Xx, 4Xx, 5Xx Http Resposive Analysis E

Search Engine Performance

These checks are designed to investigate how search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, see your business and website. After ensuring the code elements mentioned above are correct, it is imperative to understand how major search engines interact and understand your business website. A common example would be a business who sells coffee beans and uses the term “Java” throughout their content. They might rank well within search engines for terms like “Learn to Program”, while the website is not related to the computer programing language Java at all. This misinterpretation by the search engine bots is very common. This may lead to a potential loss in traffic. Understanding how the search engines interpret data, as well as relate it, is very important in ensuring your business is ranking for the terms important to you, and the terms potential customers are searching for. Below is a sampling of the elements Native Rank checks and optimizes for your business:

  • Current Organic Ranking performance
  • Content Quality & Distribution
  • Products & Services Organic performance
  • Location, Geo Location, and Local distribution performance
  • Keyword & Website Content Relevancy
  • Keyword Correlation / Mismatch common terms identification
  • Site Map compliance
  • Average ranking by keyword
  • SEO Site Errors & Oversights
  • Organic Traffic Performance
  • Branded vs Non-Branded Keyword performance
  • Incoming links to Site (Backlinks)
  • Outgoing to from Site
  • Traffic Performance / ROI comparison
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Free Digital Audit

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