E-commerce Design & Development

When it comes to picking a company to design and develop your new e-commerce website, making the right choice is crucial. At Native Rank we understand that an e-commerce website is not just an e-commerce website it’s the life-line to your business and it must have great functionality and be visible to the search engines. When most companies develop e-commerce websites they develop it to be functional but not entirely visible to the search engines. At Native Rank we understand the functionality aspect but most importantly we understand the visibility aspect. It’s crucial to get both of these things right from the start or it could cost you thousands of dollars in business. When building an e-commerce website, not only does your website need to tell your digital story, but all of your products need to tell a story too, it’s important that each product is broken out properly to be recognized in the organic search results, not breaking out your products in the right way will cost you a lot more money in paid advertising. At Native Rank we believe a website should work for you and not against you.

E-commerce Website Design & Development


Native Rank primarily builds custom WordPress websites, but we do have the capabilities to build in a verity of different languages and formats. WordPress is currently the most utilize design and development platform being used today.

Shopping Cart

Native Rank primarily uses WooCommerce and Magento for the shopping cart but we do have the capabilities to use a variety of different shopping carts. WooCommerce and Magento are currently the two leading platforms utilized for e-commerce on the internet today. These platforms are extremely vetted and secure, and allow for growth and scale without sustainable re-investment once they are running. Streamlined admin interfaces enable full control of all business aspects, without 3rd party interjection, ensuring the business owner/representative is always aware and in the driver seat.

What goes into making a great e-commerce website?

When creating a great e-commerce website there is more than just design and aesthetics. There are many aspects that need to be accounted for.

  • Good Layout
  • Good Color Scheme
  • Consistency
  • Appealing
  • Strong & Clear Message
  • Easy Navigation
  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive
  • Clean & Clear Message
  • Unique Content
  • Product Pages
  • Call-to-Actions
  • Actionable
  • Good Usability
  • Good Functionality
  • Site Structure
  • Site Maps
  • Site Speed & Load Times
  • Social Media Links
  • Functional Shopping Cart
  • Your Story

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