Multi-location & Franchise Websites

Native Rank delivers website design and development solutions for multi-location and franchise businesses. We build modern, custom websites that are fully mobile responsive.

Multi-location & Franchise Websites
Build Digital Relevance

Build Digital Relevance

Your website is your business’ digital foundation. The way your website is built and structured can negatively or positively affect your website’s ability to effectively communicate what you provide to search engines. If search engines are unable to fully understand what your business provides in terms of products and services via your website, your visibility and exposure to potential customers will be severely decreased.
Acquire Potential Customers

Acquire Potential Customers

Strategy and optimization is the most important part of your digital foundation. Having a website that is fully optimized for your services, products, locations, and service areas allow your website to be relevant and competitive in the search engines. In doing so, your business will gain the visibility necessary to be in front of millions of people who are searching for like services or products that you offer and the chance to win new and potential customers over your competition.
Convert Customers

Convert Customers

Your website is often the first experience a consumer has with your business online, and that first impression needs to be a lasting one. It should reflect everything you want a potential customer to know and remember about your business. Most importantly, your website needs to convert traffic into customers.
Get Started Faster

Get Started Faster

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Multi-location & Franchise Website Design & Development

Through design, development, strategy, structure, and optimization, Native Rank creates multi-location and franchise business websites as part of a complete digital solution. Our multi-location and franchise business websites allow you to be competitive online on both a national and local level, and more importantly, are focused on converting website traffic into new customers for your business. In addition, we implement tracking on all our websites, so you have transparency into true performance and the ability to measure results. When Native Rank creates your website as part of our multi-location and franchise business digital solution, we take care of everything your website needs to be successful online.

Important Factors of Your Website

Important Factors of Your Website

Website Structure

The following aspects of your website affect your level of relevancy within search engines:

  • Site Structure
  • Sitemap
  • Website Header
  • Website Footer
  • Navigation Structure
  • Service Pages Broken Out
  • Product Pages Broken Out
  • Category Pages Broken Out
  • Location Pages Broken Out
  • Service Area Pages Broken Out
  • Local Schema
  • Site & Page Speed Performance
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • 3rd Party Plugins & Integration

Website Strategy & Optimization

The following aspects of your website affect your level of exposure and ability to acquire new customers:

  • Website Strategy
  • Consumer Strategy
  • SEO Strategy
  • Service Pages Optimized
  • Product Pages Optimized
  • Category Pages Optimized
  • Location Page or Pages Optimized
  • Service Area Pages Optimized
  • Unique Content for every page
  • Content Optimization by Page
  • Keyword Correlation by Page
  • Keyword Optimization by Page
  • Title Tag Optimization by Page
  • H1 Tag Optimization by Page
  • Meta Description Optimization by Page
  • Site Page Indexing
  • Website Performance
  • Organic Search Performance

Consumer Facing

The following aspects of your website are necessary to ensure you convert traffic into customers:

  • Good Layout
  • Good Color Scheme
  • Consistency
  • Appealing
  • Strong & Clear Message
  • Easy Navigation
  • Call-to-Actions
  • Actionable
  • Unique Content
  • Good Functionality & Usability
  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive
  • Social Media Links
Benefits of having a fully optimized website

Benefits of having a fully optimized website

Information & Messaging

  • Open for Business 24/7
  • Online Brochure
  • Online Media Kit
  • Your Digital Story
  • Convey Your Message
  • Access to Information
  • Educate Potential Customers
  • Easy Access for Potential Customers
  • Creates a Better Customer Relationship
  • Customer Service

Sales & Visibility

  • Your Best Sales Person
  • Your website is a Sales Tool
  • Promote Your Products and Services
  • Generate Phone Calls & Leads
  • Tell Potential Customers where you are
  • Drive Customers into your locations
  • Attract New Customers
  • Creates a Web Presence
  • Increased Visibility
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Increased Opportunities
  • Cost Effective
  • Increases Your Bottom line
  • Improved Productivity
  • It’s a Hiring Tool

Credibility & Reputation

  • Business Identity
  • Business Credibility
  • Business Reputation
  • Business Value
  • Brand Awareness
  • Professionalism
  • Search Engine Credibility
  • Search Engine Reputation

Competition & Customers

  • Compete online
  • Customers are finding your competition
  • Distinction from your competition
  • Differentiation from your competition
  • Be competitive & win new customers
  • New customers are already out there
  • Customers find your service & product offerings
  • Consumers are searching for your products & services
Native Rank’s Website Design & Development Solutions

Native Rank’s Website Design & Development Solutions

Native Rank designs and develops websites to perform on all levels. When we design and develop a website for your business, you get more than just a website, you get a digital solution. Your website will look great, convey your product and service offerings, be optimized for search engines, build digital relevancy and credibility, and drive new and potential customers to your website.
Native Rank’s Website Design & Development Capabilities

Native Rank’s Website Design & Development Capabilities

Native Rank primarily builds custom and custom themed WordPress websites; however, we do have the capabilities to build in a variety of different languages and formats. For e-commerce websites, we interface with all major shopping cart platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

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Native Rank’s Website Design & Development Team

Native Rank’s Website Design & Development Team

All website design and development is executed at our headquarters in Denver, Colorado to ensure strategy, design, development, and optimization is implemented correctly. Native Rank’s design and development team is a highly talented and skilled group of website designers and developers that are all passionate about designing and developing great looking websites that are structured properly and built to perform.

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