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Inventory Management Software

Inventory Manager Pro was created out of a need and the shortcomings of other inventory management systems and software. Inventory Manager Pro is an ease-of-use software with all the necessary features, along with being the first ever inventory solution that can target customers by market.

Benefits of Inventory Manager Pro

  • Target qualified customers by product inventory
  • Customer targeting by location, service area, and target market
  • Target customers by new, used, type, brand, model, and associations
  • Increase inventory and product visibility within search engines
  • Dominate your dealer market for all your product inventory
  • Qualified customer views
  • Qualified customer engagement
  • Increase brand interaction and engagement
  • Increase in qualified website traffic

Customer Targeting Solution

With the innovative technology that Native Rank has created, dealerships or manufacturers now can target customers within states, cities, and even neighborhoods, covering their entire market, including the following:

  • Location
  • Cities
  • Neighborhoods
  • States
  • Dealer Markets
  • Target Markets
  • Product Categories
  • Product Types
  • Product Brands
  • New Products
  • Used Products
  • Inventory
  • Services
  • Product Rentals

Inventory Manager Pro

Inventory Manager Pro, the industry leader in cloud-based inventory management systems, is focused on complete control and ease-of-use encompassing all inventory needs. Intuitive design and enterprise scalability that fits all business sizes and needs. Compatible with all internet connected devices, providing on demand and real-time inventory with direct connectivity to your digital presence, whether it be your website, social media presences, 3rd party aggregators, and many more. User-friendly and ever-expanding integrations make inventory manager pro one of the only cloud-based inventory management systems available today. Artificial intelligence engines to ensure proper display of your inventory across your digital platforms with fully integrated SEO and fully compatible with large suite of Google, Facebook, and other products.

Inventory Manager Pro is a comprehensive product inventory SaaS solution for any business, available in all modern web browsers as well as popular mobile devices.

Some key features include automated integration of inventory into web properties, image management, and multi-location optimization.

Advanced functionality:

  • Automated website updates and inventory page optimization
  • 3rd party marketplace integrations
  • CRM and DMS integrations
  • Facebook Marketplace and Ads integration
  • Automated product listing generation (e.g. Craigslist)
  • Rich product categorization (product types, categories, subtypes, manufacturer info, model info, etc.)
  • Custom product attributes
  • Progressive web app for desktop and mobile
  • Utilizes Google Workbox for asset delivery and to allow offline users access, with activity taking effect after regaining internet connection
  • Enjoyable and intuitive user interface and user experience (UI/UX)


Schedule A Virtual Demo & Opportunity Presentation

No Matter what you do, you should schedule a free virtual presentation with our team to go over some of the following key aspects that could be affecting your business.


What we cover and go over in our virtual presentation:

  • Business Information
  • What you do? (Services, Products, Inventory, etc.)
  • Where do you do at? (Location, Target Markets, Service Areas)
  • Who is it for? (Target Audience)
  • Missed Opportunities & Issues
  • Opportunities
  • What We Do
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Targeting Solution
  • Digital Products
  • Reporting & Transparency
  • Examples of Performance & Data
  • Opportunity Proposal
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